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    Designer, plasticienne, née à Marseille en 1966, dont le travail s'incarne en diverses identités, sous lesquelles elle officie pour la haute couture, les arts de la scène et l'art contemporain. 


    J'élabore des pièces rares, comme un philtre magique, qui penserait au bonheur en pansant l'individu.

    Des oeuvres qui donnent à leurs détenteurs la possibilité d'échapper à l'uniformité.

    Une approche basée sur une pulsation profonde de liberté, superposant les idées, les techniques, les effets.

    Une route indéfinie ou seule ma capacité à suivre le flux de l'énergie guide le geste."


    Fred Sathal is protean artist, whose work as a visual artist is embodied through various identities under which she plays with graphics, design, performing arts and contempory art.

    Sculpture, installation / mixed media / drawing

    My work of art, either sartorial, plastic, photographic or graphic, embodies the role of energy..., has a familiar touch with a certain " je ne sais quoi " that gives it a certain strangeness... devored, twisted, woven, coloured in, embroidered, tattooed, stamped, knotted, mangled.

    My inspiration comes from accidents, the unexpected, my desire to have my art thriving towards a wild universe in an infinite range of perceptions and intuitions.

    I draw spontaneously and turn that almost nothing in a meticulous work of a goldsmith.

    My vision plan is captured as it goes on.

    I love disrupting the senses through innovating textures, where the relationship between seeing and touching has an element of surprise.

    I draw away from theory, only with an effervescence, an emulation, the work comes to me, unveil my obsessions, my human and supernatural 'rites of passage'.

    I stick to an interdisciplinary approach, an effervescent climate.

    Any forms of expressions are means of deepening and offering what i want so fiercely to convey emotionally.

    I give birth to an oneric world.

    To an ever-present obsession for creativity, inhabited with creatures, rites, arrays, fetishes, masks, words, sacred tree, huts, constellations...

    "A work of art that provide their owners with the possibility to evade from uniformity.

    An approach based on a profound instinct for freedom, layering ideas, technics and effects. An undefined road where my gestures are only guided by my capacity to follow the energy flows."


  • FRED SATHAL /// APHRODITE // sculpture installation // MUCEM exposition inaugurale "au bazar du genre"

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  • FRED SATHAL +°+ CLAM MAGAZINE +°+fred sathal photographiée par Malika Mokadem

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